12 August 2015


 August 12, 2015

If you’re planning to compete at this year’s Equifest, for a memorable and action packed experience then take note of these top tips from previous competitors to make sure your show is one to remember.

1. Keep a list of all your classes and rings and make a few copies of your number so you’re always organised!

2. Always turnout to perfection, ‘that will do’, is not good enough!

3. Take a wheelbarrow to transport equipment, because you don’t want to be carrying everything around.

4. If your horse lives out normally, be aware that his legs may fill when stabled, so well-padded bandages can help.

5. Equifest has brilliant on site facilities including, Showers, Toilets, 24 hour security, Shop, Fodder shop, Cash Points and Bars. There is also a doctor, paramedics, vet and farrier on site all week.

6. From the moment you enter the ring you are being judged so make sure you show off your horse or pony to the max.
7. Keep a drink in your grooming basket for riders when their horse is stripped.

8. Don’t forget baby wipes, for you and a cloth for your horse.

9. Don’t forget plenty of fly spray and a fly sheet is also useful when waiting around in the heat.

10. Last but not least – Have Fun!!

Held at the East of England Showground, Peterborough, August 12 to 16, Equifest promises to be an action packed spectacular, with great showing, shopping, celebrities and brilliant demonstrations.

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