Showing Coloureds – Pure Addiction!

3 August 2016


 August 3, 2016

Without doubt coloured classes continue to be more popular than ever.  Here we meet Lynda Lodge of the British Skewbald and Piebald Association (BSPA) to find out more about the society and their sponsorship at Equifest.

Why do you think coloured classes have grown in popularity?

I have to say that I think once you have owned a coloured horse or pony you have the virus, no cure available I am glad to report. It is not just that coloured horses and ponies are unique, every coat pattern is different, but we offer a community of like- minded coloured horse owners who are just obsessed with them.

I always say I have a coloured horse fixation, I cannot pass one without wondering if it is the next Champion. If you see a field of coloured horses, you have to stop and go and look at them. It is the whole experience finding shampoos that will remove those stubborn stains, the latest poo proof rugs, looking for improvements in schooling and turn-out, we just spend all our money on them.  Showing coloureds is addictive and a great community to be part of. The camaraderie is just amazing.

I also believe one coloured horse or pony is never enough. If you ask most people in the equine world you will find most of them remember a coloured pony in their childhood that left a lasting memory.

Why do you sponsor the Ridden Piebald/Skewbald and In Hand Piebald/Skewbald at Equifest?

We feel that many of our BSPA members attend Equifest and that we are supporting them and many more coloured horse enthusiasts throughout the country. It is also great to support the grass roots level.

For the last three years, Equifest has run a BSPA Section for BSPA members (horse and ponies do not have to be registered to enter) which has been very well supported and culminates with a Championship in the evening performance. This is a fantastic Championship we hope to continue and everyone is looking forward to Equifest – August 17 to 21.

How long have you sponsored at Equifest?

I am delighted to say since the very first Equifest.  It has been a great experience for everyone who attends and we are really pleased to support the event.

How does turnout differ within classes?

Traditional types, Hogged cob and Native types are presented in their natural untrimmed state, tack should – we suggest always be brown (but black is equally acceptable and a personal choice) riders should wear tweed, unless in a Supreme Championships, where navy or black is the correct attire.

Plaited riding ponies usually wear coloured brown bands and navy jackets for the children.

Plaited hunter ponies do not have coloured browbands and tweed should be worn by the riders. No spurs are permitted in any pony class 153cms and under.

Do you have any top turnout tips?

Riders, horses or ponies should always be immaculate.  Tack should always fit well, stick to a simple, classic look, don’t try to stand out.

Always look smart, a well turned out horse and rider who have paid attention to detail always pays off. It also makes you feel better in your head which in itself gives you an advantage over others.

Preparation is everything, if you think you could improve and don’t quite know what to do ask, horsey people love giving advice.

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