7 January 2015


 January 7, 2015
Equifest News

Dual qualification with Equifest / Ponies Association (UK)

All exhibitors that qualify for either of the above Championship Shows will automatically qualify for the equivalent Championship at the other event.

This applies to the following three events:

  • P(UK) Winter Classic Show – 25th – 27th March @ Bury Farm
  • P(UK) Supreme Championships – 24th – 26th July @ Bury Farm
  • Equifest – 12th – 16th August @ East of England Showground


Qualifications for the 2015 Season will run from 1st August 2014.

If you have qualified for the P(UK) Championships and would like to enter Equifest please download the qualification card from the P(UK) Website (www.poniesuk.org).

Please note: To enter the P(UK) Championships, exhibitors must join Ponies Association (UK) as members. No registration of horse/pony is required.

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