27 April 2017


 April 27, 2017
Category Competitor News

SCHEDULE AMENDMENTS – Please note the following schedule amendments:

  • Class 58 – M&M Small Breeds Training class is for Dartmoor, Exmoor & Shetland Ponies ony (NOT Welsh).
  • Class 574 – In Hand Part Breds 1,2,3 years old is open to all heights of horses / ponies – not exceeding 148cms – as it says in the schedule.
  • Classes 632 -634 the Amateur Piebald / Skewbald classes are according to the order of the timetable on page 46 – NOT the wording in the schedule.
  • Class 859 – BSPA Piebald / Skewbald 1,2,3 years old is open to any height plaited / hogged horse or pony – not just horses as in the schedule wording.
  • The order of Classes 844-846 has been altered to avoid a clash between the Haygain Maxi Cobs and the Nupafeed Amateur Cobs (which includes Maxi Cobs).
  • Class 735 is the Native / Traditional Pairs class – not the M&M Concours Class as stated in the timetable.  The M&M Concours Class is, class 331 on Thursday evening.

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