APL Services

Ava Jane Shaw

B Crabtree Groundworks & Equestrian Construction

Brimstone Stud – Mr N Russell

Brindlebrook Stud

CP Metal Traders Ltd

Cavernoma Alliance UK

Danielle Ioannou

Dunaskin Stud, Ayrshire

Farmbrough Family

Fiona Wilson & Family

Glitz & Glam Lycra Hoods

Harper Family

Haynes Family

Heath Field Just Ruby

Hollingworth Family

Julin Wood Families

Karen & Steven Kerby

Kingfisher Moon Concours D’Elegance Costume Hire

Kouros Stud

Kyneton Silvervale Stud

M R Jennings (Halifax) Ltd

Miss Amy Richards

Miss Roberta Bradby

Miss Jade Jennings

Mr B Saint – in the memory of Mary Saint

Mrs C Casey

Mrs D Cawte

Mrs D Peel

Mrs J & Miss C Pell – in memory of Mrs Pat Ayres

Mrs J Ripley

Mrs K F Cole

Mr & Mrs N Russell – Brimstone Stud

Nathan Arnold Show Team

Naylor & Oliver

Oastwood Stud

OSO Crosby / Oso Stud

Professional Training Services – John Paton

R H Plumbing & Heating

Ryehall Stud

Saunters Plant Hire

S K Wilson Plant Hire & Groundworks

Smith, Parkinson & Humphreys Families

T Walker HGV

Team Barbie Show Productions

Thamesbourne Welsh Ponies

The Bell Family

The Baybutt Family

The Callen Family

The Hewitt Family

The Hood Show Team

The Harper Just Family

The Matthews Family

The Snow Family

The Spencer Family

The Stokes Family

 Thompsons Fencing Ltd (Hull)

Gould Construction Mini Piling Ltd

Gould Construction Mini Piling Ltd

They are sponsoring the Novice M&M WHP not Ex 143cms - Class 323!

Check out their website here!